When to Call 911

Emergency Situations
Dial 911 in an emergency situation. If you are not sure, call us and let us determine if the situation requires an emergency response. An emergency is any situation where there is a threat to lives or property, which is occurring at the time of call, or has just occurred.

Caller Information
When dialing 911 in Lee County your call is routed to the local police agency from where the call was made. Your call is received by a professional trained call taker. The caller's information comes up on a screen and includes the:
  • Caller's address
  • Caller's phone number
  • Lists the appropriate police and fire agencies that service the address
  • Name of billing party
Confirmation of Information
Call takers need to confirm the information because it is not always correct. If you call from a cellular telephone you will need to provide your location because that information is not currently available. In Fort Myers, the call receiver enters the information into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and the dispatcher sends the appropriate units. Sometimes you may need to be transferred to a different agency.

How to Use 911
  • At a business or other location you may need to dial an outside line before dialing 911.
  • At a pay telephone, dialing 911 does not require a coin.
  • When using a cellular telephone, you must specify that you are using such and be prepared to give your location, including the city or town.
To access TTY or Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD), press the space bar until a response is received If the caller does not speak English, they should stay on the line and a call taker will link up with a telephone translation service which will handle 156 different languages.