Neighborhood Watch

About the Program
The Fort Myers Police Department cordially invites you to assist our agency in our efforts to make our community a safe place to live by getting involved with a neighborhood watch group.

Neighborhood Watch is a program of mutual assistance between neighbors and law enforcement, aimed at reducing crime or the fear of crime in the community. Neighborhood Watch is designed to enhance community security through heightened awareness, educational crime prevention training, and open communication between police and citizens. The program also focuses on reducing crime while building positive relationships between neighbors, law enforcement, and the community.

Neighborhood Watch is not an invitation to vigilante groups to operate outside the law. Thank you for considering to become a part of the winning team to stop crime and promote safety.

Benefits Of A Watch Group
  • Reduces the risk of being a victim
  • Better prepares individuals to respond to suspicious activity
  • Gives greater accessibility to criminal activity information
  • Establishes a community watch sign to post to warn criminals
  • Gives neighbors a chance to get to know one another
Organizational Plan
Neighborhood watch groups are maintained through the organization of committed citizens within a community. There are 3 main functioning positions that will become the lifeline of the group. All Neighborhood Watch groups must have a coordinator, block captain and team members in order to be effective.

Coordinator Responsibilities
A coordinator’s role will be to schedule meetings for the group, a minimum of 4 per year, to maintain an active status. A coordinator:
  • Serves as a liaison between the police and the group
  • Maintains contact log and information of all members and block captain’s information file
  • Welcomes new members
  • Disseminates information
Block Captain Responsibilities
A block captain's role will be to oversee designated territory assigned by coordinator. A block captain:
  • Encourages neighborhood participation
  • Welcomes new neighbor in their coverage area
  • Compiles a list of all neighbors on their block who wish to participate in the program
  • Assists the coordinator disseminating information to members
  • Assists in the development of programs that would be beneficial to the community
Member Responsibilities
A member’s role is to support the lifeline of the group by attending meetings and getting involved with all activities coordinated by the organization.

Get Involved
You can make a difference by helping prevent and solve crime along with promoting public safety through out your community by some of the following efforts:
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Be alert to your surrounding
  • Observe and report suspicious cars
  • Report abandon or unoccupied cars
  • Report drug activity
  • Report undesirable transients trespassing
  • Report criminal activity
  • Maintain good neighborhood beatification standards
  • Promote teamwork between law enforcement and the community
  • Assist in disseminating crime prevention information or alerts